Handy Website Marketing Tools #1: Google Analytics

Okay, so you have your awesome new website up, you’ve got your SEO down to a science, and you haven’t been lazy by relying solely on search engines to drive traffic to your site. Now you want to know what kind of traffic is being driven to your site as a result. If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably look for a free hit counter that would keep track of how many visits you have to your site, but it would also be a cumbersome eyesore on your webpage, and to boot you would get little information other than a number of times your webpage has been accessed. Please don’t do this! A hit counter looks bad for two reasons, the first one being listed above. The second is that a hit counter screams desperation and tells others just how unpopular your site is with its 57 hits. Not only will it tarnish your site and its first impression, chances are good you will have to pay your web designers to install it on your page, which will likely make them unhappy because it will not look good in their portfolio.

Fortunately, there is a better way: Google Analytics. This is by far one of the most effective tools for monitoring all traffic that comes to your website. And it’s free! So, what does it do that a hit counter can not? For starters, a hit counter can not tell you where your site visitors are located…from their country all the way down to their city. This alone allows you to effectively measure the reach of your marketing that you should be working so hard on. In addition to this, Google Analytics can also tell you how your traffic got to your website, whether they found you on Google, clicked on a link from another site to yours, or simply typed your URL into the address bar. Again, this helps in measuring the effectiveness of your marketing. By far, our favorite tool to use in Google Analytics is the keyword tool, which tells you which keywords are most successful in allowing Google users to find your page. This allows you to determine what keywords to beef up in your SEO strategy.

Google Analytics is easy to install, and is automatically installed on any site built by Web Design. We want your site to be successful, and we provide you with every tool needed to help give you an advantage over your competitors.